About the owner:


Mark Biletnikoff

The artist was born in Louisiana and always had a drive towards the creative.  From as early as 10 years old Biletnikoff searched for avenues such as photography, painting and drawing.  Throughout high school he created imagery for yearbook and newspaper publications.  He majored in Visual Art and Painting at Southeastern Louisiana State University and focused on his education in the arts and fine-tuned his skills to help build his future.  Once graduated he set his sights on expanding creative expression in his home state of Louisiana and opened a small gallery near mid-city in Baton Rouge that showcased emerging artists while at the same time creating his artwork.  Biletnikoff’s work is exhibited in private collections across the United States and he continues to work diligently expanding his reach and creative work. He completed his Master’s Degree in Arts Administration from the prestigious Savannah College of Art and Design in June 2014. 

His current project, N the art space, was founded in 2005 and supports artist studio space and exposure for over 40 artists.  The art space began as a mere 800 square foot space in 2005 and is now located in a new 4 building 14,000 square foot facility in a prominent area of the city.  The art initiative has been the focus of many local and regional art supporters and labeled as, “The next big thing”.  The art space has recently been promoted in multiple publications locally and statewide.  

He has diligently created an art destination and also successfully become a professional artist and Administrator.  His hard work and determination have paid off. He continues to learn, implement and discover new ways to promote and keep the arts alive in the community.

Each art initiative Biletnikoff launches is the result of hard work and determination.  He is driven to promote and expand creative expression in his hometown of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  

“Art is an important part of my life and this initiative is no exception. My passion and perseverance can be noted from my N the art space project implemented in Baton Rouge, LA.   N the art space studio complex began with an idea.  I nurtured and brought that idea to life on a leap of faith.  Today and 10 years later it is larger and stronger than ever thought possible. The 14,000 square foot art complex houses and supports over 40 local artists in private studio, educational and exhibition space.”

The Biletnikoff Gallery will be a well-rounded gallery that will increase accessibility to the arts in Baton Rouge and offer a new perspective for art patrons and the trade through inclusivity and innovative approaches unseen in our area.  

As a lifetime member of the Baton Rouge community, Mark Biletnikoff is committed to focusing the light on the artists, their processes and ideas that highlights individuality and expression.

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